The Revelation of Jesus Christ

The Kingdom of God Works Differently

The Kingdom of God works VERY differently to the natural world/worldly ways most people see and use. Jesus illustrated living in the Kingdom many times but before God quickened my spirit, I never understood he was actually showing his disciples what is possible for ALL people already.

One example of living in the Kingdom was a while ago when I wondered about finding a new job. I noticed that as I was strongly conscious of living in the Kingdom of God, people randomly offered me jobs and opportunities completely OUT OF THE BLUE; without even knowing who I was or me asking anything about jobs. God would actually SEND me to the right places and to the right people, without me realizing it. I was so stunned I didn't know how to react when these offers came to me.

When operating on a natural level and not consciously in the Kingdom, there was struggle, effort, I needed to send multiple CVs/resumes etc, went to interviews, only for things not to work out in some way. There was no peace in what I did. Though the still, small, voice, God was telling me NOT to apply for any jobs at that particular time but I was disobeying!

Another example of how the Kingdom of God comes near our earthly life is food. The fridge happened to be running low on vegetables so I put the situation to God and carried on being conscious of the Kingdom. Within 48 hours, 3 different people offered me free vegetables -- a large quantity of it and more than I could eat.

I've found even the weather changes where God is seen. There was a period of no rain in my area for so long that plants were dying. I put it to God and reminded my soul there are no shortages of any kind in God's Kingdom and LO! God sent rain when there was no rain forecast. This has happened more than once. One day, on a cloudless day and immediately after a prayer thanking God no extreme temperatures are in His Kingdom, I suddenly saw a cloud form unusually quickly directly overhead.

God designed Creation to respond to our consciousness in Him.

He doesn't want us to live in the Kingdom in order to control the "world" or "manifest" a reality that serves human interests. A world that can be controlled by any human is the Beast system of the Book of Revelation. God wants us living in His Kingdom, IN HIM and the Life of His Son, because it the Reality our bodies and souls are designed for, rather than the beast system.

The Beast system sucks our energy and takes our life. It charges us $$$ to live, puts us on a database, keeps us endlessly searching for cures of all kinds, creating harmful tech in the process etc. Jesus Christ, on the other hand, gives Life FREELY and LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY! God doesn't ask for "data" or "log" what we do. He doesn't keep a record of when we've been "naughty" or "nice" like pagan creations. He gives better than any human father, mother, supermarket or utility company! In God's Kingdom, there are no organizations even (including the religious kind).

In the New Jerusalem the Bible talks about, we also see the nations healed (something I've also started to see). At first though, we can first just enjoy living in the Kingdom of God everyday!

PS: If we don't see OUR nation in the Kingdom of God, we need to first see the Tree of Life (Jesus Christ, the Alpha and Omega). After this, the Holy Spirit shows us the fruit of the Tree of Life which heals the nations :)

Matthew Chapter 6: verses 24-34
Revelation Chapter 22